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Brit realises he chucked away Bitcoin-laden hard drive, now worth millions

Brit realises he chucked away BitCoin-laden hard drive, now worth millions
The value of the BitCoin digital currency has soared recently

Spare a thought for poor old James Howells this payday weekend. He'd be a multi-millionaire right now if he hadn't tossed done what many of us have and tossed away an old unused hard-drive.

James from Newport, South Wales believed the drive was empty when he trashed it earlier this year, but failed to realise the 7,500 Bitcoins he had picked up for next to nothing back in 2009 were nestling within.

As of right now, those Bitcoins are worth the small matter of £4.6 million ($7.5m AU$8.2m). The hard-drive? Buried in a landfill site the size of a football field that'd require diggers a 20-strong team to search.

"The manager explained that things that were sent to landfill three or four months ago could be three to five feet deep," he told the BBC. "He confirmed my worst fears when he said that."

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