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Sony to announce new business strategy

Sony to announce new business strategy
Kazuo Hirai will get his first opportunity to show who's boss next week

New Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai will hold a briefing on April 12, potentially to announce a new direction for the company.

Hirai, who officially took the reins from Welshman Howard Stringer just four days ago, has been charged with turning around the Japanese giant's fortunes.

Sony has forecast an overall lost of $2.7 billion (£1.7bn) for the year ending March 31st, making it a fourth consecutive year of losses.

In a pickle

The briefing will explain to shareholders how the company intends to get out of its current pickle.

It'll also give Hirai his first real opportunity to make an impression since taking charge at the beginning of the month.

The "Corporate Strategy Meeting" will be held at 8:00 AM UK time (3:00 AM EST in the United States).

Via: Reuters