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Samsung unveils 'finger-slim' LED monitor

Samsung shows off its LED monitor
Samsung shows off its LED monitor

Samsung has unveiled the latest eco-warrior in the monitor market – the Samsung XL2370.

The 23-inch monitor is LED-backlit which means it garners more vivid colours but uses 40 per cent less power. It also means that the monitor can be made extra-thin – or as Samsung has put it in its Korean press release: 'finger-slim'.

Speedy response

The Full 1080p display offers a mega dynamic contrast ratio of 5 million: 1 and response time is a super-speedy 2 milliseconds.

The monitor should be hitting UK shores August time, but the impatient of you can get their hands on one (from Korea) this month.

Profit hikes

Samsung is riding high in the tech sector at the moment, with the company's Q2 results expected to be five times higher than the first quarter. This has been put down to its extensive range of mobile phones and LCD TVs.

It's a good thing too, as the company was reporting losses of $680 million (£422 million) in Q1. Money-wise, between April and June this year, Samsung should post an operating profit between $1.74 biliion (£1.1 biliion) and $2.05 biliion (£1.27 biliion), according to

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