Google Pixel 3 XL gets horrifying second notch thanks to weird glitch


What's worse than a huge notch at the top of your phone display? Try two notches… That's exactly what some Pixel 3 XL owners are currently experiencing, with a new glitch plopping an additional 'virtual' notch on the screen of Google's latest flagship device. 

As reported by Android Police, several users have noticed a bug which randomly places a side-mounted second notch on the Pixel 3 XL's display, though unlike the very prominent hardware-based cutout at the top of the handset, this one exists solely in the digital realm. 

Though the phantom notch has so far only reared its ugly head in a few isolated instances, users have already taken to social media to post pictures of their bugged-out phone displays, including Kyle Gutschow (whose picture can be seen above) and UrAvgConsumer (seen below). 

According to several Reddit users who've experienced the software issue, the virtual notch does disappear after a restart of the device.

Thankfully, Google is aware of the problem, telling Android Police that a fix for the ghastly glitch is "coming soon".

While we're not entirely sure why the Google Pixel 3 XL would even need a virtual notch cutout (especially one that doesn't hold any speakers, cameras or other sensors), there's no denying that it is indeed a funny sight. Horrifying, yes, but also funny.

Main image courtesy of Kyle Gutschow.