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Get your running shoes on for this Apple Watch deal

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While we’re sure it’s coming eventually, there’s still no sign of the Apple Watch 3 which means official and significant price drops on the Apple Watch 2 are rare.

It’s quite exciting, then, to see a significant price cut on the Apple Watch Nike + on the official Nike store

The Nike+ version is essentially the Apple Watch 2 for fitness-focused users and right now you can pick up the 42mm version for only £278.97, down from £409.97. That’s a drop of more than £100 on an Apple product and well worth pulling on your running shoes for. 

Whether you’re runner, a swimmer, or just looking to improve your general health, the Apple Watch Nike+ will have something to offer you. 

Its built-in GPS allows you to track your pace, distance and route even if you don’t have your iPhone with you. Being water-resistant up to 50 feet also means you don’t have to worry about it if you decide to go for a last minute swim (or if you come across a particularly deep puddle).

Plus, on top of all the standard Apple Watch 2 features you’ll get access to the Nike+ Run Club app and a brighter screen to see all the stats you need in any conditions. 

As well as sporty functions, it also has a sporty look to match with a flexible and perforated strap to make it lightweight, more breathable, and more clear you're on a health kick. 

Considering the smaller-screened 38mm model is still priced at £379.95 on the Nike store, this certainly seems like a deal worth considering. 

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