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Sony PlayStation Network back online

PSN back in business across the globe

The end is finally nigh for long-suffering Sony PlayStation Network users after a firmware update saw the service come back online for some UK users.

In a story that has been constantly developing over the weekend, Sony's 3.61 update has been rolled-out throughout the various territories, starting with North America on Saturday.

The United Kingdom and Ireland soon followed, with the rest of Europe now seeing the all-important green light for the first time since hackers brought the service to its knees on April 20th.

Reports late on Sunday suggest that Australia, New Zealand and South America are now also back in business.


Sony has said that the restoration will take place on a country-by-country basis and that the service should be fully restored by May 31st.

It is still unclear who the orchestrated the attack, which compromised the personal details of up to 100 million of Sony's online customers and caused the company to completely rebuild its defenses.

Sony has repeatedly pointed the finger at online activists Anonymous, but the group have continued to deny responsibility.