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Oculus hires Naughty Dog co-founder to be head of content

Jason Rubin
Oculus VR's new face for gaming and other content

After helping found Naughty Dog and a short stint as THQ president, Jason Rubin's next is with Oculus VR as the company's head of worldwide studios.

In his new role Rubin will take the reins on all of the first-party content developed for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Oculus VR stated this includes content coming from studios in Seattle, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Dallas and Irvine.

"There have only been a handful of times in my life where I saw something that I knew would change everything," Rubin said in a blog post. "The awe-inspiring tech Oculus is building is a portal into an incredible world that my daughter will one day consider to be normal."

To cap off its announcement, at E3 2014 this week we will see several immersive experiences through the Oculus Rift including Eve Valkyrie, Alien Isolation, Lucky's Tale and Superhot.

Storied past

Rubin is perhaps best known for co-founding Naughty Dog and creating several of the studio's most notable properties including Crash Bandicoot as well as Jak and Daxter.

Rubin was brought on as president of THQ in 2012 in hopes of leading the ailing game publisher back to profitability. Ultimately his efforts to salvage the company were unsuccessful and THQ eventually closed in 2013.

Rubin joins other high profile hires at Oculus VR. Last August, John Carmack, the father of Doom and Quake, joined the VR entertainment company as chief technology officer.

Kevin Lee

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