Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts for 2014

Headphones, gaming mice, laptops and PCs. Whatever you want to spend, there's a PC gaming gift here to suit your budget.

Qpad QH-85 - £70

Qpad QH-85

Rather than scaring your neighbours with an almighty surround speaker setup, try these headphones from Qpad. They include a mic too, so you can scream at your teammates in multiplayer sessions.

XMG P503 - £1,099

XMG P503

Gaming laptops are quickly catching up with their desktop counterparts in performance terms, and this 15.6-inch unit is a perfect example of what you can get for your money. It's fully customisable, too, so you can take your pick from a raft of upgrades when you place your order.

Corsair Vengeance M95 - £70

Corsair Vengeance M95

If you prefer thinking to shooting, you might appreciate the M95 mouse, which is designed for MMO (massively multiplayer online) and RTS (real-time strategy) titles. You can even create custom button setups for individual games.

Nvidia 3D Vision - £108

Nvidia 3D Vision

To make your favourite games really immersive, why not try playing them in 3D? To do this, you'll need to upgrade your PC's graphics with 3D capability. This stereoscopic 3D Vision kit from Nvidia will do just that, and it works with over 500 games and 3D Blu-ray movies.

Alienware X51 - £600

Alienware X51

Gaming laptops are great, but sometimes there's no substitute for a big screen and the comfort of sitting at a desk. This Alienware X51 gaming PC is perfect if that's your preferred style of play, and it costs a lot less than an equivalent laptop.

Corsair Force GT - £110

Corsair Force GT

Adding an SSD (solid state drive) is an easy way to speed up any PC, whether it's for better in-game performance, or just to get it to boot faster. It can either supplement your PC's mechanical hard drive or replace it completely. This Corsair Force GT is perfect for the task and comes in a range of sizes up to a huge 480GB.

BenQ XL2411T - £239

BenQ XL2411T

If you decide to upgrade your PC with the Nvidia 3D Vision kit, you'll need a 3D monitor, too. This 24-inch display from BenQ should do the trick. With a Full HD screen, 1ms response time, and - of course - 3D compatibility, it's a great way to get the most from your games.

Corsair Vengeance K70 - £120

Corsair Vengeance K70

If you have lightning-fast reflexes, you'll appreciate a keyboard that can keep up. The Corsair K70 has [W], [A], [S] and [D] keys that feel different to the rest, ensuring you get to the important controls easily, and the fully mechanical keys mean that presses register faster than ever.

Shogun Bros Ballista MK1 - £50

Shogun Ballista

The Ballista MK1 is a lot of mouse for your cash, with 8,200dpi, accessible buttons that are actually useful, and lights that clearly show you how you've got it configured at any point. The moulding is comfortable to hold, and it glides smoothly on a pad or your desk. Easily the best new mouse we've seen recently.

Corsair M65 - £50

Corsair M65

Unlike many gaming mice, Corsair's M65 is a mostly thrill-free affair. Alongside the back/forward buttons by your thumb, you'll find the large sniper button, which drops the dpi for those moments when you need accuracy, but that's pretty much it. We're talking solid, aesthetically pleasing design, and overall it's a stunning mouse at a great price.

Thermaltake Level 10m - £80

Thermaltake Level 10m

It may look as though it suffers from a case of form over function, but this mouse is surprisingly comfortable, thanks to its adjustable palm rest. We did find the left button's hair-trigger sensitivity a little too light, and the side buttons aren't the easiest to reach, but there's definitely potential here. Shame it's on the pricey side.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 - £65

Mad Catz R.A.T. 7

The R.A.T. 7 changes everything, with its adjustable plates and Batmobile design. It's comfortable in most hands, the build quality is beautiful and the 6,400dpi accuracy is plenty. Unfortunately, such tweakery does comes at a price, and with the release of the M65 and Ballista MK1, it has some heavy competition.

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