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Nvidia's Grid will stream 1080p 60fps games to your living room


Nvidia's Grid service isn't new, but the company has now made it more properly official with the announcement that it'll be making the service subscribable this May for its Shield set-top box.

For that you'll get 1080p 60fps games streamed straight from the cloud to your living room device.

A wide library of titles will be playable with a subscription, while more recent games will be buy and play. Dying Light, Arkham Knight and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes were given as examples of the more premium titles.

In fact we got to see Ground Zeroes looking super lovely which - let's be honest - is damn impressive when you consider how Nvidia is delivering that to your TV. Just hope that your internet connection is good enough.

There will be over 50 games on the Grid store at launch, with "well over a hundred" by the end of the year.