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Can Sony remotely bork your PS3?

Can Sony remotely kick in your PS3's back door?
Can Sony remotely kick in your PS3's back door?

Sony may well have put a so-called 'backdoor' on its latest PlayStation 3 firmware, allowing the console maker to remotely control your PSN account, according to reports from the homebrew community.

Despite releasing a PS3 firmware update to foil hackers recently Sony is now being accused of planting a backdoor in its latest PlayStation firmware update to allow remote control of your gaming console.

Banging on the backdoor

JailBreakScene reports this week that PS3 firmware version 3.56 contains a rootkit which allows Sony to remotely control your console when you connect to the PlayStation Network, should the company so wish.

"It seems Sony has implemented something in 3.56 I mentioned here a few weeks ago that is the same as Microsoft uses to detect and ban 360s," says one user on the site.

The whole thing sounds far more controversial than in actually is, with Sony hardly going to green-light a remote internet attack against PS3 jailbreakers worldwide.

That said, the fact that the technical capacity for the company to shut down your PS3 remotely seems to exist is worrying enough in itself.

TechRadar has contacted Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for further comment and clarification on this story.

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