I just bought this amazing £119 4K TV Prime Day deal – but it'll be gone in minutes!

Amazon Fire TV 4 Series with sign saying price cut
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Update: this is now sold out. But you can get the 50-inch Amazon fire TV 4-Series 4K TV for £299, or check out the 40-inch Amazon Fire TV 2-Series for £199, if you don't mind not having 4K picture quality.

Original story: I've spend the last 24 hours scouring Amazon for the best Prime Day deals, and one of the best just dropped in our laps now – a 43-inch Amazon Fire TV just got a colossal 72% discount! But it's a Lightning deal, so it won't last long – I've already grabbed one myself.

You can get the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 43-inch 4K TV for just £119 at Amazon UK, down from an official price of £429. This is a great not just in terms of the sheer cheapness of it, but also because of some nice specs that it offers over most budget TVs, which I'll explain in a second.

We seriously think this will sell out in minutes, so if you catch it, don't hesitate!

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 43-inch 4K TV: was £429£119 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 43-inch 4K TV: was £429 now £119 at Amazon
This 43-inch TV delivers 4K pictures, HDR support for better contrast, and uses Amazon Fire TV for its smart platform, which means you have access to all the major streaming services, with easy voice control. It also has four HDMI ports, which is rare in cheap TVs, making it a little future-proof. Don't expect high-end performance here, obviously – but it'll definitely punch well above its weight at £119!

One of the nicest features here is the four HDMI ports – on TVs of this price, you would normally expect two or three. This gives you more flexibility in the future, especially if you want to add a soundbar, which Amazon definitely has in mind here – one of the ports is equipped for HDMI eARC, so it can pass all the TV's sound to a soundbar. Oh, and we've rounded up the best Prime Day soundbar deals to help with that.

4K resolution and HDR mean that anything you watch on here should look good, though this wasn't a premium TV to start with, so don't expect it to match elite OLED TVs for picture quality. But for £119, it really doesn't have to – if you want to keep your budget down, this is the best TV I've seen for this price all year, and I can't image we'll see anything better until Black Friday, if then.

As I mentioned above, this is a Lightning deal, so if you've read this far, make sure you haven't already missed it!

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