Amazon's £150 4K TV has sold out - consider these cheap Black Friday TV deals instead

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When Amazon first revealed its £150 4K TV deal for Black Friday I was confident that no one would be able to beat it. Unsurprisingly, it's proven to be extremely popular and sold out within a day. That's left me and many others disappointed that they weren't able to secure one of this year's best Black Friday deals. But I'm here to offer some small hope.

Sadly, I can't generate more stock of the TV in question. But what I can do is use my well-trained deals-hunting nose to sniff out a few other similar Black Friday bargains. Consider these as reasonable alternatives as there's no sign that Amazon will restock its deal over the next few days.

Let's be clear, it's unlikely that anything out there will truly compete with a 55-inch 4K TV for £150 in terms of value for money, but I have found a few options that are equally affordable or boast similar features and capabilities without costing dramatically more dosh. Hopefully, there's a next-best choice below that will suit your needs and budget.

Today's best cheap Black Friday TV deals

Amazon Fire TV 55-inch 4-Series 4K TV: £549.99£149.99 at AmazonSold out:

Amazon Fire TV 55-inch 4-Series 4K TV: was £549.99 now £149.99 at Amazon
Sold out: The original TV deal in question. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, this sold out in record time when it went on sale earlier. I'm keeping it on the list in case the retailer adds more stock as we almost never see a TV of this size for so cheap. The picture quality on this 55-inch Fire TV is decent overall, with support for ultra-HD resolution and HDR 10 for better lighting and colours. Plus, access to all major streaming apps is just a button press or voice command away. Still unavailable? Check my other recommendations below.

Hisense A6K 43-inch 4K TV: £429£249 at Currys

Hisense A6K 43-inch 4K TV: was £429 now £249 at Currys
It's smaller and costs £100 more compared to the Fire TV, but if you're looking for a budget display for your general everyday viewing then Currys has a good selection of Hisense TVs at reasonable prices. I think the best value options are the smaller sets - such as this cheap 43-inch version. These TVs are fairly basic overall, but that's fine if it's for a second screen in the house like the kitchen or bedroom where premium picture quality isn't a must-have. Just to be clear, though, these are still decent displays with support for ultra-HD 4K resolution, voice controls and easy access to all the major streaming apps.

Toshiba 50-inch 4K QLED Fire TV: £379£299 at Argos

Toshiba 50-inch 4K QLED Fire TV: was £379 now £299 at Argos
If you want something of a similar size and have a bit more money to spend then this Toshiba is closest in terms of size and performance. What swings it is the QLED display technology, which is usually reserved for the most expensive TVs – a rare find for under £300. What does that do? Well, it means you get improved brightness, contrast and colours for better overall picture quality and a more premium image for a fraction of the price. And with the Fire OS built-in, you get easy access to top streaming apps and handy voice controls through Alexa.

Hisense A4K 32-inch HD TV:£249£158 at AO

Hisense A4K 32-inch HD TV: was £249 now £158 at AO
If your budget is firmly set around £150 then this Hisense A4K is the best that you can get for the money right now. It's much smaller compared to the Amazon option but it still delivers strong picture quality for the size. That's mostly thanks to the direct backlight, which means brighter images and better contrast than many cheaper TVs. Wide viewing angles will also make it good for rooms like the kitchen, where you won't view it from a central position all the time.

If you do want to consider a few other options then you should check out our comprehensive Black Friday TV deals hub that features all the latest offers on everything from cheap large-screen displays to high-end OLED TVs.

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