Secret Invasion ending explained: is there a post-credits scene and more questions answered

Nick Fury stands in a garden looking into the sky in Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion didn't live up to its billing on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Full spoilers follow for Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion has run its course on Disney Plus – and we suspect you have plenty of questions about what its final episode means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Marvel Phase 5 project wasn't one of the studio's best efforts – read our Secret Invasion review to find out why. But, while the Nick Fury-led thriller series largely flattered to deceive, it has laid the groundwork for a number of upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows. Its importance to the wider MCU, then, shouldn't be underestimated.

There are other important questions that need answering about the show, too, including whether there's a Secret Invasion after credits scene, if there'll be a second season and more. Below, we answer those questions (the ones with definitive answers, anyway) and other burning queries you might have about Secret Invasion, which won't go down in history as one of the best Disney Plus shows, in our opinion.

This is your final warning: major Secret Invasion spoilers are incoming, so turn back now if you've not watched its sixth and final episode.

Is there an end credits scene in Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury looks out of a hotel window in Marvel's Secret Invasion

Searching for a Secret Invasion episode 6 post-credits scene... (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

No, Secret Invasion's last episode doesn't have a post-credits stinger.

The show ends with Nick Fury and Vara reuniting and leaving Earth to head back to SABER – the human and Skrull operated aerospace defence system. That's after Fury and US President Ritson have a tense conversation over the phone about the latter's xenophobic plan to wipe out every last Skrull on Earth, based on events that transpired throughout Secret Invasion's six-episode run.

Regardless, once the credits have rolled, there isn't an after credits scene for fans to watch. Given that Secret Invasion was billed as the MCU's first ever crossover event ahead of its release, that's disappointing. After all, Secret Invasion's ending appears to set up multiple MCU Phase 5 projects (more on these shortly), so it would have been interesting to see some footage from one of those films or TV shows.

Will there be a Secret Invasion season 2?

G'iah stands in a dark room with a shed of light on her in Marvel's Secret Invasion

Could G'iah return as the lead character in a second season of Secret Invasion? (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

The short answer is: we don't know yet, but we'd be surprised if there is.

Secret Invasion was always billed as a limited series, which usually means its six-episode run is all we'd get. As we mentioned above, it also acts as the jumping off point for other Marvel projects, rather than setting up another Fury-starring adventure, so it's highly unlikely that Secret Invasion will return for a second season.

And, to be frank, it doesn't need another installment. Regardless of your opinion on whether Secret Invasion was good or bad, it told a self-contained story with a mostly definitive ending. Gravik and Raava (the latter of whom was masquerading as James 'Rhodey' Rhodes), the two Skrull antagonists in the series, were killed by G'iah and Fury respectively in episode six. The Skrull terrorist threat was eliminated before they instigated World War III. Fury and Vara returned to SABER, the original Rhodes and Everett Ross were freed from Skrull captivity, and G'iah and Sonya Falsworth agreed to start working together to keep humanity and any remaining Skrulls safe.

Outside of assembling the narrative frameworks for forthcoming Phase 5 productions, then, Secret Invasion appears to be done and dusted. Of course, Marvel could decide to make a second season if it makes sense to do so. In our view, though, you can consider Secret Invasion to be a 'one and done' scenario. And speaking of those aforementioned MCU projects...

How does Secret Invasion set up The Marvels?

Captain Marvel looks puzzled as she stands in Kamala Khan's room in The Marvels

Secret Invasion's finale revealed a small but key plot point for The Marvels. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The first MCU production that Secret Invasion sets up is The Marvels, which is slated to fly into theaters on November 10.

We already knew that Secret Invasion would act as a primer for the final Marvel movie of 2023. The Marvels' first trailer revealed that Nick Fury would be part of its supporting cast. Monica Rambeau, one of the film's protagonists who was last seen in WandaVision, is part of Fury's SABER team that investigates an issue with the Universal Neural Transportation Network (UNTN) – aka the collective name given to wormholes/space-jump points that appear in the MCU.

Now, Secret Invasion's finale has gone one further and added an intriguing plot-based breadcrumb trail that leads into The Marvels. When Fury and Vara reunite before they head to SABER, Fury mentions that the Kree – the main villains in Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 – have 'agreed' to enter peace talks with the Skrulls. Remember, in Captain Marvel, it was revealed that the Kree had destroyed Skrullos, the Skrulls' homeworld. After failing to find the Skrulls a new planet to call home, Fury gave them refuge on Earth, which led into the political paranoia-fuelled events of Secret Invasion.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like every member of the Kree Empire will be happy with the impending peace talks with the Skrulls. Dar-Benn, The Marvels' primary villain, is a member of the Kree Accusers, a militia who decimated the Skrulls during the Kree-Skrull War. We suspect Dar-Benn won't be pleased with the Kree's desire to sign a peace treaty with their former foes, which might persuade her to take matters into her own hands. That could lead her to searching for (and finding) the second Kree bangle – the first is owned by Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel – which kickstarts The Marvels' main plot.

We'll have to wait for November to find out if we're right, but we're sticking to that theory for now.

What other MCU projects does Secret Invasion set up?

Harrison Ford and Anthony Mackie talk behind the scenes on Captain America 4

Captain America 4 is another Marvel production that's set up by Secret Invasion. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

There are three other upcoming Marvel films that Secret Invasion's last episode sets up.

The first is Captain America 4 – or, to give it its full name, Captain America: Brave New World. As part of the superhero movie's story (the production of which has been halted due to the actors and writers strikes), Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross gets installed as the new US President. That means President Ritson has been removed from office over his genocidal Skrull plan, or he gets bumped off early in Cap's next adventure. Either way, Secret Invasion's finale has a small hand in establishing how events will play out in Brave New World.

Next, Thunderbolts. This movie's plot will largely be dictated by what plays out in Brave New World, but Thunderbolts will have Secret Invasion's fingerprints all over it, especially from a political paranoia perspective.

A bed-ridden President Ritson talks to James Rhodes in Secret Invasion

Armor Wars will also explore the fallout from Secret Invasion. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Armor Wars, a Rhodes-starring flick, will benefit from Secret Invasion's ending, too. Its final episode showed the real Rhodey being rescued by G'iah from the Gravik's terrorist compound. Armor Wars will see Rhodey go on a mission to retrieve Stark technology that's fallen into the wrong hands, so we'll see Rhodey take flight as superhero alter-ego War Machine as he tries to track down said tech.

However, Secret Invasion poses some interesting questions about how much Rhodey knows about recent MCU events. How long was he held by the Skrulls? If it was pre-Avengers: Infinity War and/or Avengers: Endgame, does he know about the Blip and that long-time friend Tony Stark is dead? 

Heck, he might even have been out of action since Captain America: Civil War – remember, Rhodey was paralyzed from the waist down after he's accidentally shot by Vision in that film. If he was placed in a coma after that, it's possible that the Skrulls infiltrated the Avengers compound and swapped him out Raava (the Skrull who impersonates Rhodey in Secret Invasion). All Raava would have to do in Avengers 3 and 4, plus Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which Rhodey cameod in) is slowly pretend to be on the mend from his accident before making a full recovery. Given Rhodey is wearing what appears to be a hospital gown in the finale, too, we can't help but think he was replaced post-Civil War, and not after Endgame as many fans have predicted.

The real Rhodey, then, might have a lot of catching up to do, including potentially getting over the trauma of learning Stark died defending Earth from Thanos and company. Hopefully, Armor Wars will explain much more about how long Rhodey was imprisoned for in Secret Invasion.

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