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Hands on with Sony's 360 Holographic viewer

Kikuchi - with Sony's 360 holographic viewer
Kikuchi - with Sony's 360 holographic viewer

Home Cinema Choice has managed to grab some time with the next, next generation of displays – Sony's 360 Holographic Viewer.

Part of the TechRadar network, HCC is out in Japan to check out the latest technologies- and the 360 viewer certainly falls into that category.

Holographic pictures are already enthralling people, with the cylindrical unit showing a static image that looks like it is solid and hanging within the tube.

The pictures are apparently currently quite pixelated, and a little on the small side, but changing the angle of viewing, or walking around the full colour image did not break the illusion.

Sony 360 holographic viewer

Mesmerizing entertainment

"With a remote control, I could select from an internal library containing hundreds of such images, flicking them up as if though were TV channels," writes HCC's Steve May.

"I could also trigger them to either rotate or freeze. It proved mesmerizing entertainment. Not some much 3D as 4D."

So will we all be seeing holographic pictures in our house in 2010? Almost certainly not – but progression for the unit will see animated pictures and a larger device.

The obvious next step is to add animation, engineer Hiroki Kikuchi added, suggesting that bigger, moving images were 'a year or so away'.