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Amazon signs on for a bit of the old UltraViolet

Amazon signs on for a bit of the old UltraViolet
And here's how it works

Amazon has joined the UltraViolet movie project (aka the Saviour of Hollywood), working with at least one studio to offer its films under the UltraViolet banner.

UltraViolet, which landed in the UK on Boxing Day, is intended to allow us to buy a physical copy of a film from any retailer and get a digital copy which is stored in the cloud and streamed to our many and varied devices whenever and wherever we fancy it.

Getting Amazon on board will be a huge boon to UltraViolet given its mammoth size and interest in media streaming to the Kindle Fire, and the mega-retailer is currently working with an unnamed studio to sell its films in UltraViolet format.

Parma violet

"The best movie and TV service for consumers is the one that provides them with the broadest choice possible," said Bill Carr, Amazon's VP of digital media.

"We're very excited about the additional possibilities from a customer's point of view that UV enables."

Other companies currently involved in the project include Lovefilm, Warner Brothers, Universal and Sony Pictures, while Disney is notably absent from the roster.

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