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Virgin Media to launch Netflix app for TiVo boxes

Virgin Media to launch Netflix app for TiVo boxes
TiVo boxes will soon have a Netflix app

Virgin Media's TiVo customers will soon be able to access Netflix through their set-top box, with the streaming giant's app being enabled for the platform.

In a significant move for Virgin Media, an announced pilot of 40,000 homes will soon become a full roll out of the Netflix app to 1.7 million TiVo homes.

The application will allow subscribers to the Netflix service to watch the content on their television - including a host of the big ticket US TV series.

Sporting chance

It's the second big content announcement for Virgin in the last few weeks following the news that BT Sport channels would be available for top tier TV customers.

Netflix has been a real hit since launching in the UK, but this represents a significant platform for the service as it competes with the Amazon owned Lovefilm.

There may well be an impact on Virgin's current pay per view film service, with the Netflix subscription bringing a large movie back-catalogue for not a great deal more than the cost of an HD movie.