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Roku TVs will stream Netflix in 4K ... eventually

More are on the way

Roku has seen the future, and the future is 4K.

The company announced prior to CES 2015 it's built a 4K reference design for its Roku TV smart TV platform.

There's no telling when 4K-ready Roku TVs will hit the market; that all depends on Roku's partners. One promising note is TCL said it will be the first to build one ... we're just not sure when.

Not sold on the nebulous idea? Maybe the fact that Netflix will stream in 4K via these Roku machines sways you.

Partnering up

Roku also revealed it's joined forces with Haier and Best Buy's brand Insignia to build Roku TVs.

Details are sparse, though look for Insignia Roku TVs sometime this spring. Haier is planning a line called the "4 Series" that will include 32-, 40- and 65-inch models.

The low-end of Haier's line will be the 32-inch version with 720p resolution; things do improve with the 65-inch model and it's 1080p screen.

Everything you need to know about 4K TV

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