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Ultralight Sony Vaio with flash drive option

Sony's Vaio Type G is now available with flash memory instead of a hard drive.

Sony Japan today announced no fewer than 10 new Vaio computers, including a mix of desktops and laptops, with the jewel in the crown being a Type G laptop that weighs just 859g and features a 32GB flash-memory hard drive.

The 12.1-inch Type G range comes with a bewildering variety of build-to-order options, but the cheapest disk-free model costs ¥229,800 (£981), which is ¥65,000 (£277) more than a similar 40GB model with a conventional drive.

Flashy fibre

Aside from the weight reduction induced by using a flash drive in the new iteration, the Vaio G line-up is light on the scales thanks to retaining the carbon fibre shell it has had since its debut in late 2006 .

Otherwise, the slim superstar has a maximum battery life of 12.5 hours (assuming a flash drive and long-life battery are in place), a 1024 x 768-pixel XGA screen, Windows Vista Business and a choice of memory and CPU.