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Android finds niche in TV set-top box

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Android - it's not just for phones, you know?

Google's much-hyped Android phone operating system might not have taken the world by storm yet, but a development from Japan shows it could have opportunities in some unexpected places.

That country's second largest mobile phone operator, KDDI, has announced that the new version of its TV set-top box known as the 'au Box' will run on Android.

One box fits all

The Motorola-built device is designed to record content from various sources, including TV broadcasts, DVDs and CDs, and format it for playback on its handsets. It can be rented for just ¥315 (£2) a month.

At the same time, Japan's Open Embedded Software Foundation says it will show several new Android devices at the CEATEC electronics show this October.

Android TVs?

Surprisingly, the group claims that unspecified manufacturers are set to unveil Android-powered TV sets and VoIP phones. We'll keep you posted.

Update: Looks like the au Box isn't Android-powered after all. The mistake came from a misunderstanding at the Open Embedded Software Foundation, but the other Android gear will come later this year. JML