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Nokia: Windows Phone 7 apps boom down to us

Nokia - connecting Windows Phone 7 with apps
Nokia - connecting Windows Phone 7 with apps

Microsoft is probably feeling pretty chuffed that Windows Phone 7 has hit the 25,000 app milestone, but Nokia reckons it can take some of the credit after announcing its intention to create Windows Phone devices.

As Marco Argenti, Nokia's Senior Vice President of Developer and Marketplace, told TechRadar:

"After we announced our partnership with Microsoft, the amount of apps coming in to the marketplace has actually gone up quite a bit, has almost tripled.

"So we've seen this inflection point very clearly that even without launching a device because they [developers] see greater opportunities come."

Mine, all mine

Nokia is keen to woo its army of Symbian developers over to its new smartphone platform, luring them over with the promise of success in their local markets as well as a new and bigger global audience to target.

Argenti concluded, "That's one of the messages we're giving to our developers – to embrace the Windows [Phone 7] platform because we're going to bring it to all these markets that we will launch the device in.

"We're going to merchandise locally, we're going to build a local ecosystem; so there's a lot of excitement for developers."