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iTunes storms past RealPlayer in streaming media poll

It should come as no surprise to the millions of iPod owners all around the world, but iTunes has now overtaken


to become the world's second most-popular online media player.

iTunes finally shot past RealPlayer last April and had 35,664,000 unique users compared to RealPlayer's 27,565,000 in December 2007. Year on year, iTunes usage rose 26.8 per cent, while RealPlayer slumped by 17.5 per cent, according to Website Optimisation. Apple's QuickTime - on which iTunes is based - also fell 8.6 per cent.

There's positive news for Microsoft's Windows Media Player too. It has seemingly been unaffected by iTunes' rise and remains the number one player with 75,865,000 unique users. However its growth does appear to have flat-lined.