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TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport watches will soon sync with your phone

If there's one criticism we have of the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport watches it's that syncing your data before and after a run is a bit of a hassle.

But TomTom has heard the pleas and is introducing a mobile app for the GPS watches that will connect via Bluetooth, meaning you no longer have to hook it up to the computer.

The best news is that you'll be able to download QuickGPSFix data to the watch via your phone, so you should get started a bit faster. It'll also automatically upload your activities.

Run for your life

The app is set to go live for iOS users first, but isn't available just yet – TomTom's still waiting for Apple to push it through.

As for Android users, TomTom told us that it's working on an Android version right now. Expect this to follow a bit later, then.

With the amount of other fitness trackers on the market that already sync with our phones, it's definitely time that TomTom brought some Bluetooth love on board.