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Rumour: Apple planning 3G iPod touch

iPod touch
3G connectivity would make the iPod touch a truly mobile gadget

Apple might be about to close the gap between the iPhone and the iPod touch by kitting-out a new version of the latter with 3G data connectivity, according to reports.

Dutch website is claiming, that like the iPad, the world-beating handheld music and games titan will get a data-only service whenever a new version is launched, likely to be later this year.

So, rather than have a cellular connection to make phone calls, you could use services like Skype to make VoIP voice and video calls, connect to social networks and play games online.

Just like the iPad

A rough translation of the report says: "It will work just like the iPad; you get a 3G enabled simcard from your provider and put that in you iPod Touch.

"Apple's choice of bringing 3G to the iPod Touch isn't all that weird, if it's true of course. Question remains how the providers will react to this, since the use of for example Skype will skyrocket."

While this is still very much in the rumour stage, and we're currently taking it with the proverbial pinch of salt. However it would be an extremely logical step for Apple.

The Wi-Fi only touch prevents it from being a truly mobile gadget as many of the apps and games, as well as the browser depend on wireless connectivity.

Adding 3G to the touch's locker would bring it into line with the Sony PlayStation Vita, a major competitor in the handheld gaming market, while it would open the door for touch owners to use apps like Spotify on the go.