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Amazon Kindle ereaders may get display upgrade

Amazon Kindle e-book upgrades
Kindle e-readers rumored to get a hardware upgrade

Now that Amazon has taken a big leap into the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, the etailer may spread some of that joy around with some rumored improvements to its line of ereaders.

The glowing ereader

The rumor is that Amazon's next Kindle models will feature a "glowing" display, which would jettison the traditional E-Ink screen above a "front-lit Kindle" to debut later this year.

All the colors of the rainbow

Adding fuel to the Kindle "glowing" display rumors are published reports claiming that Amazon already ordered "millions" of these new Kindle ereaders from display maker E-Ink Holdings -- and specifically they will feature a color screen this time around.

Of course, Amazon already made the big leap to color with the backlit Kindle Fire, but a color E-Ink model would appeal to users who prefer reading to watching movies and TV shows.

So what will happen to the classic black and white E-Ink Kindle? In March, LG began manufacturing "a flexible plastic E-Ink display with a 1024 by 768-pixel resolution," which many believe may find a home in the cheaper Kindle models that don't require a glass screen for protection.

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From: ITWorld