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This is how Nokia's Android Normandy handset should look

This is how Nokia's Android Normandy handset should look
TechRadar's mashup idea

Rumours surrounding the Nokia Normandy refuse to die, and with more leaks emerging every day, it looks increasingly likely that the Finnish firm will unleash an Android handset on the world in the coming months.

We've seen a few images surface online recently, all claiming to show off the fruit of Nokia looms: a sort of Windows Phone 8-esque, Android mashup. Reports of late have floated February 25 as a possible launch date, meaning we may see the Normandy make a welcome appearance at MWC 2014.

Of course, leaks and speculation are all very well and good, but being as flat-out crazy about tech we are, this just isn't enough to satisfy our excitement. So, we've taken it one step further, and put together our own vision of the perfect Nokia-Android partnership.

See our version of the Nokia Normandy in all its glory in the video below, then tell us what you think of our handiwork in the comments.