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Sony Ericsson's PocketTV breaks 7.5m views

PocketTV shows increase in popularity
PocketTV shows increase in popularity

Sony Ericsson's mobile phone-friendly show, PocketTV, has seen users almost double for the second series of the entertainment show.

Users have been watching in greater numbers online, and the number of users checking out the site with mobile devices has also increased.

400,000 of the 7.4 million views of the show are coming from mobile phones, despite the fact downloadable segments aren't available with series two.

It also shows that users are increasingly becoming au fait with watching segment-based programs on their phones.


Richard Dorman, Senior Marketing Manager for Sony Ericsson UK & Ireland says: "Within the first seven weeks we had already beaten series 1's total views of 3.2 million and we're pleased to say that we've delivered over 7.5 million views for series 2 to date."

Those interested in PocketTV can check it out through the dedicated YouTube site,

You can also view through the dedicated MSN video hub and on PlayStation 3 via Vidzone.