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Sky denies that mobile network is on the cards

Sky Mobile network on the cards?
Let's have a Sky Go in the Sky-mobile then
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Update: BSkyB has said it has no plans to offer a Sky-branded mobile network in the UK after rumours surfaced this weekend.

In a statement first sent to Reuters, a company spokesperson explained away the company's meet with Everything Everywhere: "As you might expect we regularly meet with a wide range of companies to explore and understand potential opportunities.

"While we continue to extend our leadership in mobile content, we currently have no plans to offer mobile access beyond our existing public Wi-Fi network."

BSkyB had been reported to be in talks with Everything Everywhere about a possible Virgin Media style Sky-branded mobile network in the UK.

The Sunday Times had a chat with some banking sources who claimed that BSkyB was in talks with the eponymous mobile network and may buy a block of radio spectrum from Everything Everywhere (or Ev Ev, as the kids are calling it) in the upcoming 4G spectrum auction.

To the Skymobile!

Original story continues: But that's not the only possibility on Sky's books: it could potentially build its own network using the spectrum bought from Everything Everywhere, or even buy a ready-made network like, say, Three.

But it seems more likely that Sky will opt for creating a virtual network and become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) much like Virgin Media which simply white-labels T-Mobile's network.

We can't help but wonder if there'll be an issue for Everything Everywhere to be providing both Virgin and Sky with a virtual network. Seems to be a bit of a conflict of interest there – but since this is all rumour and speculation at present then we won't worry too much about it.

Still, we won't be surprised if the rumours turn out to be true. Given that Sky already has fingers in the broadband, phone and TV pies, it actually seems a little odd that the company doesn't already have a mobile phone network to its name.

From The Sunday Times (£££) via Cellular News

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