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Screenshots reveal iOS 5 speech-to-text feature

Voice to text in iOS 5
Voice to text in iOS 5

Screenshots of a speech-to-text feature that is said to be making its way to iOS 5 have surfaced.

The Nuance-powered feature will require users only to tap the microphone icon next to the on-screen spacebar, and speak aloud leaving text to magically appear on screen.

The microphone overlay (pictured below) appears once you've clicked the microphone and sticks around as long as you keep talking.

iOS 5 voice to text

Image credit: 9to5Mac

According to the source who sent the screengrabs to 9to5Mac, this feature is only coming to iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 5, and won't be making its way to the iPad.

It's not entirely clear why Apple would withhold it from the tablet, but it has been known to keep certain features back in the past so isn't entirely outside of the realms of possibility.

iOS 5, which was announced back in June, is expected to make its way to handsets in September or October, right in time to launch on the iPhone 5. Handy.

As for speech-to-text making it in the OS? We can't see why not.


For a quick run down of iOS 5's other features, take a few minutes to feast your senses on the video below:

Via 9to5Mac