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Samsung: Galaxy Tab stronger than the iPad

Samsung believes Galaxy Tab to be stronger than iPad
Samsung believes Galaxy Tab to be stronger than iPad

Samsung has stated that it doesn't believe that the Apple iPad is stronger in any area than the forthcoming Galaxy Tab.

Speaking at a recent mobile question and answer session, Samsung's head of product planning, WP Hong said that he 'didn't see any features [on the Galaxy Tab] that were weaker than the Apple iPad.'

"Its advantages are: communications features, something we have that doesn't exist in the iPad, and we expect consumers to enjoy video chat.

Lighter is better

"In terms of weight, consumer research tells us that a [lighter] weight is very critical to enjoy the experience."

This is a good thing for Samsung, seeing as the Galaxy Tab is almost half as heavy as the iPad.

"When you want to send a message, one finger operation is very important. In addition, Android fundamentally has access to many applications that Google are providing, in addition to what Samsung is planning too, such as on the media and music experience.

"But the most important thing for the Galaxy Tab is portability. It has the capability to support voice, so wherever or whenever you are you can make a call."

Living room device

DJ Lee, mobile global sales and marketing added that other tablets on the market (ie only Apple's) lack portability:

"Previous tablets are seen more as 'living room devices', because people are putting them on a table or on their lap, and have to use two hands to hold.

"This means their device is defined as living room, where ours is on the go."

There may be a key difference in terms of strength between the iPad and Galaxy Tab, though – if the rumoured £600+ tag comes for Samsung's tablet then Apple will have a big advantage over its Korean rival.

And Samsung will be hoping we forget the time that it said that the (then new) Jet is a 'better handset than the iPhone.'