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RIM could sell off hardware side if BB10 fails

RIM keeps its options open, could sell off hardware production if BB10 fails
No pressure, BB10

The company behind BlackBerry has hinted that it could sell off its handset division if things continue on their downward trajectory.

Thorsten Heins, who has been CEO at RIM for a year now, said that although the company is confident in BlackBerry 10, it is keeping its exit strategy options open.

He told German paper Die Welt, "We do not want to limit our options… including the sale of the hardware production as much as licensing our software."

Cash rich

"The strategic review is still running," he went on, adding that the pressure is off now. Despite poor PR to the contrary, RIM is doing pretty well as Heins tells it.

In fact, rumours of RIM's demise seem to have been somewhat exaggerated: he said that RIM is "debt-free" and has "$2.9 billion cash available" - so, er, hey, lend us a fiver will you, RIM?

Heins has talked about potentially licensing out BlackBerry's OS before; but then again, he's also rejected the idea of selling out before too so who can say what the future holds.

One thing it definitely does hold is BlackBerry 10, apparently still on schedule for release at the end of the month.

From Die Welt via Reuters