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Readius e-ink developers file for bankruptcy

Polymer Vision files for bankruptcy
Polymer Vision files for bankruptcy

The makers of the Readius rollable display, Polymer Vision, have filed for bankruptcy, although plans are still in place for a product launch.

The company was spun out of Philips Research three years ago under the new brand name, and was famously going to be first to market with a fully rollable E-ink display.

However, despite setting up offices in the UK, it has been forced to shut down operations and has filed for bankruptcy due to the current economic conditions forcing it to delay shipping the Readius.

Still ready for release

Karl McGoldrick has stated that the company is still on track to release the Readius however, and is looking for new ways to continue plans:

"We're working hard to find new investors to take over and re-start and get our technology and product into the market, where it should be" he said in an email to CNET.

The Readius has been talked about as a new type of device for years, since the first prototypes were shown by Philips Research.

The device was one of the stars of the show at Mobile World Congress last year, and was tipped to launch before 2009.

But a number of setbacks, of which this is the latest and greatest, have delayed launch of the world's first rollable display.