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Palm's Pre sequel coming later this year

It's like the Pre... only smaller
It's like the Pre... only smaller

While the world is still waiting for the launch of the Palm Pre, reports this week claim that the company is planning on releasing a companion to the handset in the near future.

Apparently a 'Pre-like' device will be following hot on the heels of the original Palm Pre when it debuts later this year, but won't be the next generation of the handset, according to TechCrunch,

Instead, it will be similar to the much-vaunted iPhone Nano, likely with watered down features similar to its big brother but in a smaller shell.

Dirty laundrette

Designed for a different part of the market, it seems likely this is Palm's effort to service the more budget phone lover, especially in the economic gloom that's washing over us like dirty water from a broken washing machine when we've fallen asleep in the laundrette.

But the good news is that it will run the webOS system that Palm has developed for the Pre... although this is hardly a shock seeing as it's discontinued the previous PalmOS anyway.

No more details as yet, but you've got to love a good summer rumour. Now, if Palm could just pull its finger out and actually bring the phone to market soon, then we'd all be happier.

Via TechCrunch