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Motorola's mid-range Android phones

Android - Motorola's saviour?
Android - Motorola's saviour?

Motorola is looking to Android to save its skin after falling drastically behind in the mobile sales market, and will launch several phones this year.

Apparently Motorola is looking to improve its bottom line by focusing on the mid and low range mobile phone markets, believing it will gain higher profitability.

Admittedly, Businessweek is only quoting an analyst who states that the phones will be available in September or October, but the business model makes sense for a company that relied far too heavily on the iconic RAZR handset for many years.

Let's be fair though, this is the same story that's been wheeled out for nearly a year now, and we're yet to see a Moto-Droid handset.

Loyalty win

The same analysts also believe that Motorola's brand following, especially in the US, will help it quickly return to profitability.

It's believed the new phone will sell for around £170 - £300 before carrier subsidies, meaning they'll likely be free should they actually appeal to the mass market.

More concrete evidence of the Motorola Android line up was leaked earlier this year, meaning it's quite likely the phones will be coming soon.

But given the fact Motorola has been so quiet in the last year or so, we have to worry that we'll never seen any phones from the company again.

Via Businessweek