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O2 in Media Centre security blunder

An eagle-eyed reader has spotted a security blunder by O2's online Media Centre, one that leaves the user profile of this writer exposed. The exploit isn't difficult to find either - a simple Google search will suffice.

The Google search result logs you straight to my user profile on the O2 Media Centre. Luckily for O2 there isn't anything you can see that isn't public domain already - my name, job title, contact number and postal address. You can even read an O2 press release about its Apple iPhone deal in my messages box.

A speedy resolution

When contacted about the security flaw, O2 said the Media Centre was run by a third-party and the situation would be resolved immediately. It is unclear whether other registered members of the press are affected.

Still, it just goes to show how easily your personal and professional data can be exposed to public scrutiny, even by supposedly reputable companies.