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HTC Vision set to be the Desire with a keyboard?

The HTC Vision - like this but more keyboard-y
The HTC Vision - like this but more keyboard-y

HTC looks set to release another Android phone in the near future, with the HTC Desire getting a keyboard and morphing into the Vision.

Although nothing more than an obtuse reference in a device profile sent to Dutch site, this does have more than a grain of truth in it.

Firstly, the profile apparently references a phone with the exact specs of the HTC Desire, but with a QWERTY keyboard also mentioned.

And the same site is quoting a recent interview with Mark Moons of HTC Benelux, where he confirmed Android phones with keyboards are in the offing.

Glacier and LED?

In a separate story, Engadget is reporting that HTC is planning three new phones codenamed the LED, Glacier and - you've guessed it - the HTC Vision.

However, we all remember the HTC Lancaster - it was supposed to be the Magic with a keyboard and all that, yet never made it into the real world.

Still it's been, ooh, seven minutes since HTC released a new phone, so there must be another one on the horizon soon.

Via Unwired View