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'Confirmed' Nexus Prime likely just Nexus S

'Confirmed' Nexus Prime likely just Nexus S
Screw you! Can't get rid of me that easily...

You know that thing on the internet where something pops up that seems to hint something and everyone thinks it is it but then it isn't after all? Well, that seems to be what's happened with the 'confirmed' Nexus Prime.

According to readers with the know-how (and time) over on PocketNow, the information in the user agent profile over on Samsung's wap page (where the original information was found) is identical to that of the Nexus S.

Does that mean Samsung is going to release a phone with the same specification list as the Nexus S to show off Ice Cream Sandwich? Seems a little unlikely, if we're honest.


The model number is the only change between this and the Nexus S (from the GT-I902 to the GT-I9250) meaning it could feasibly be any phone Samsung is planning, although probably just a placeholder for the new phone in the UAProf database ahead of a launch.

This is actually good news, as the WVGA resolution of the screen wasn't floating our boat really, so we're still likely to see a 720p HD screen on offer when the phone finally lands.

We heard recently from Eric Schmidt that the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS could be only a month away from launch, so we assume the phone will be announced at the same time to debut the new software (plus we're fully expecting a new tablet from one of the main players too).

So while the Google/Samsung Nexus Prime is still very much in the offing, it seems this is not the (An)droid you've been looking for…

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