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Android 2.1 due to land on 11 December

Android 2.1 - here in a matter of days?
Android 2.1 - here in a matter of days?

The latest version of Android could be ready for release in just a few days, after Google updated the official site.

The official site has had another makeover, which usually signals another change to the operating system, and after Android 2.1 was mentioned and shown recently in screenshots that would be the most logical choice.

Google has also recently updated its terms of service for the Android Market (which refer to little things like refunding sales in the event of a lawsuit) and these come into effect on 11 December.

New additions

According to Android and Me, the new update won't change the world or anything, but will include things like carriers being able to bill via the OS and a desktop client for Android.

We're sure there will be other updates too, but we'll bring you all the info on these nearer the time, which will have seen the release of the first Android 2.0 device - the Motorola Milestone - by then.

And if you're one of the lucky ones to have this phone, then word is you'll be able to automatically update it over the air - isn't technology wonderful?

Via Android and Me