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BA sends 11,000 apologies by SMS

BA has apologised via SMS to those customers affected by the T5 fiasco

British Airways reportedly sent 11,000 SMS text message apologies to customers in the first seven days after Heathrow’s Terminal Five was opened.

The £4.3 billion terminal, which is used solely to service British Airways flights, has faced heavy criticism after being exposed as totally unprepared to cope with the daily demands placed on it.

£16 million loss

For the first 12 days after it was opened, IT problems and bad weather at the terminal led to the cancellation of approximately 700 flights and the loss of over 20,000 pieces of luggage. The cost to BA has been estimated at £16 million so far.

According to New Media Age, BA’s SMS service is operated by mobile services specialist, Incentivated. The company is said to have contacted up to 25 per cent of BA’s 40,000 customers who signed up for text alerts.