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Yamaha used in guitar-phone

The guitar phone...weird
The guitar phone...weird

Forget the iPhone, stuff the Nokia Tube and hang the BlackBerry Thunder, THIS is the phone we've all been waiting for: the Yamaha musical phone.

In fact, it's several concept phones all based around that oldest of entertainments (no, not that one), music.

Akihabara News has visited the KDDI design studios, and they found a set of phones that frankly make little sense but still contribute to society by ROCKING!

From the 'Band in my pocket' which features a set of different musical modules to let you play anything from bass to trumpet, there's a whole host of other weird ideas too.


'Trio in your hand' is a multi pronged device that lets you scratch like a DJ, while a 'Box to Play' appears to be some magic cube speaker with a camera in the centre of a touch pad.

'Key to Touch' and 'Strings for Fingers' are piano and guitar mimickers respectively, with the latter sliding back to reveal strings for the user to strum.

But the most respect has to be saved for the 'Sticks in the Air' which is a phone that separates into two pieces and allows you to play the drums. With your mobile.

This is what the phrase concept REALLY means in our opinion!