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E-Ink debuts in long life phones

The Hitachi E-Ink display
The Hitachi E-Ink display

Hitachi and Casio unveiled handsets which incorporate low-power E-Ink technology in the outer displays.

The screens can cycle through 96 different animations, and are essentially the closest to printed ink a digital display can get.

The technology works buy moving particles through charge, then leaving them where they are when the charge is switched off, which means the display consumes very little power.

It also has high visibility in direct sunlight, a 180-degree viewing angle, and a very long life span thanks to low battery drain.

In the shadows

The Hitachi W61H will use the 'Silhouette' display when it launches in Japan in a design which mimics that of a perfume bottle (so not hard to work out the demographic they're going for there.)

The Casio G'zOne range will also use the display to provide easy-to-read information in a smaller outer screen, though won't be as impressive as the Hitachi model in form.

E-Ink has also been seen on the Polymer Vision Readius rollable display, and the release of the two phones shows the technology is now gearing up for the big time.