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BenQ unveils the E72 smartphone

The E72: for business or IM pleasure
The E72: for business or IM pleasure

BenQ has released one of its most connected phones yet; a smartphone that works seamlessly on both mobile and WiFi networks, meaning you can go between GSM and WiFi without dropping a call.

The E72 uses Windows Mobile 6 software, so you can cater to all your business needs on the move. Aesthetically, the phone is great too – at just 13mm thick, it's one of the slimmest smartphones on the market.

Packed into the slender chassis is some IM software. This is the first device of its kind to use instant messaging and means that no matter what IM network you use – be it MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo ICQ, AOL or Jabber – you can log in and start texting.

Slim and light

Speaking of the new handset, Dr James Lee, Associate Vice President at BenQ Corporation, said: "As the first device in BenQ Mobile Communications' new range, we're obviously very excited about the E72.

"It's got all the benefits of Windows Mobile 6 so you can do more than ever on the go plus you can move between mobile and Wi-Fi networks without dropping a call. And all this in one of the slimmest, lightest smartphones on the market."

The E72 is exclusive to BT Fusion.