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A mobile phone that falls apart!

The fall-apart phone
The fall-apart phone

Fujitsu and DoCoMo have put their collective mobile phone design heads together and come up with something pretty awesome.

A normal mobile phone that splits into screen and keypad modules might seem like something that has you searching for the warranty on your handset, but this idea allows to you to change the functions on the device by rebuilding it each time, says Akihabara News.

The screen module deals with video and multimedia, while the keypad houses all the boring (3G etc) connectivity bits.

Connection crazy

The keypad is touch sensitive so can be configured to control a big range of functions, like music playback etc. It connects to the screen module through Bluetooth, so you can wave it around like you just don't care and still use it.

The screen re-attaches to the keypad using magnets... depending on where you stick it, you'll get different functions, such as video player when stuck horizontally, or make it look like a standard flip phone for... well, phone things.

Although it's unlikely to ever see the light of day (damn you, concepts!) this is a device that shows the direction of mobile phones isn't exclusively touchscreen at least!