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Sony to launch new Kindle-bashing ereaders in August?

Sony Readers - already touchscreen, what's next?
Sony Readers - already touchscreen, what's next?

Sony is set to launch a new ereader in the coming weeks, according to Sony's vice president of digital reading, Phil Lubell.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lubell confirmed that the new ereaders would come with hardware and software improvements in August, although he didn't specify what either would be.

Sony hasn't released a reader since September 2010, when it busted out its Sony Reader Touch complete with touchscreen.


Amazon is rumoured to be hard at work on a touchscreen version of its massively successful Kindle reader, so we look forward to seeing just what additions Sony will include to stay one step ahead of the potamological retailer.

Lubell did give a bit of a clue on pricing, however, hinting that the new ereaders will aim to stay in a similar range to the current ones (£130 - £150).

"We think there will still be a market for dedicated readers as long as tablets remain in the $500 price range," he said.

Sony's ebook tech will also be making its way to the upcoming Sony S1 and S2 tablet devices.

And on the subject of new Sony Readers landing next month, the TechRadar rumour meter says...

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From Business Week via The Digital Reader