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iPhone SE 2 tipped to pack iPhone X features

Leaks regarding the long-rumored iPhone SE 2 continue to gradually find their way out, and the latest word on Apple's next dinky device suggests it'll inherit a couple of features from the firm's most recent flagships.

According to Twitter leaker Ben Geskin, the iPhone SE 2 will feature a glass back, which in turn will allow the handset to support wireless charging.

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We saw glass backs and wireless charging appear on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus towards the end of 2017 and it makes sense for Apple to filter the features down to its lower tier offering.

Apparently the handset is already in production, which means that we may not be too far off a launch - Apple's WWDC 2018 is just around the corner in June.

We're still waiting

The thing is, the iPhone SE 2 has been rumored for so long, with no hint from Apple that it even exists, that we could very well never see the handset.

We can't verify the source of the leak either, as Geskin doesn't provide detail on where he got the information from, but he does have a reasonable track record with these sort of things.

It would replace the iPhone SE, which launched in March 2016 making it over two years old, however we did have to wait a year and a half between the iPhone 5S and the arrival of the SE - so hope isn't lost yet for a follow up to the palm-friendly form factor.

Via Cnet