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Microsoft increases OneDrive file upload limit to 10GB, triples sync speeds

OneDrive, OneGoal, 10GB limits
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Microsoft has bolstered its OneDrive online storage service with faster syncing and an increased upload limit that finally lets you beam those 4K-quality cat videos to the cloud.

Detailed in a company blog post, OneDrive now supports the uploading of files up to 10GB from the Windows and Mac desktop apps, in addition to mobile devices and its web interface, bringing the service in line with Dropbox and overtaking Google Drive's 5GB upload limit.

The software and services giant noted that the limit increase was a "top feature request", which basically means that it's been asked for by irate OneDrive forum users for years.

OneDrive for Business users saw their storage allowance increased to 1TB earlier this year, but they'll have to wait a bit longer for the new feature to come their way.

Syncing feeling

Microsoft has also increased the number of files that can be simultaneously downloaded or uploaded to OneDrive on a Windows or Mac, a tweak it claims has tripled syncing speed.

Additionally, it has begun to roll out a feature for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users that allows files stored on OneDrive to be shared with a right-click from the desktop, which brings up a menu option that presents a sharable URL when clicked.

Finally, OneDrive now supports the ability to drag and drop folders into OneDrive's web interface from supported browsers.

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