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Netflix says goodbye to HD DVD

HD DVD bargains still to be had
HD DVD bargains still to be had

US movie rental company Netflix has announced it is to no longer stock HD DVD.

This piece of news would have been the final nail for the coffin for HD DVD, if its proverbial sarcophagus were not already six feet deep – where it has been since February of this year.

As of mid-December, users of HD DVD will have to look elsewhere to find the 800-odd titles that are available for the defunct format, as this is the cut-off date Netflix has given its consumers.

DVD alternative

If you do try and rent an HD DVD release after 15 December, the company will automatically give you the film's DVD alternative instead.

If Netflix's lack of HD DVD is worrying you, then just check myriad electronic retailers' websites, where you can get most of the hi-def discs for under a fiver.