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A new indie game gives you the best physical souvenir

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One version of Firewatch, the hotly anticipated game from Campo Santo that's already getting rave reviews, comes with the option for an insanely inventive physical souvenir.

In the game, there's a disposable camera you find in the woods. You can snap photos with it and, if you're playing on PC, you can send the virtual roll off to be "developed" and have physical copies mailed to you.

Having your photos printed and shipped costs $15 (about £10, AU$21), but it's a really cool idea and one that, for me, brings back memories of being in the actual woods. Camping as a kid, I always took a disposable camera with me.


Just like getting them from the developer (Credit: TechnoBuffalo)

Your Firewatch photos are sent to you by fictional photo company Fotodome and come in an envelope. There are already some images on the in-game camera, according to Polygon, which could spoil some of the game, but fortunately you can't see those images on the roll of pics you take, though they are sent to you.

The printable photo feature is only available on PC, but Firewatch's developers said they want to bring it to the console. The team is looking into making it happen for the PS4, and Sony is keen to have it, too.

Firewatch goes on sale tomorrow for $19.99 on Steam and PlayStation Store.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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