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Sony PSP-4000 releasing in 2009

PSP to get yet another 'refresh' in 2009
PSP to get yet another 'refresh' in 2009

Hot on the heals of the recent PSP 3000 launch, Sony plans to refresh the PlayStation Portable yet again in 2009 with the planned release of (yep, you guessed it) the PSP-4000 model.

The news comes courtesy of unnamed games publishing sources talking to, who suggest that Sony will follow the PSP-3000 next year with another 'iterative approach'.

If so, this means that the recently rumoured PSP mark 2 might not be seen by gamers until 2010 at the very earliest.

Rumour, speculation, no comments

Sony UK, as ever, said it would not comment on rumour and speculation.

TechRadar will be bringing you more news on the future plans for the PSP from CES in glorious Las Vegas in January.