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Sony PSP-4000 outed in advertising campaign

PSP Go to get disc capabilities?
PSP Go to get disc capabilities?

A print advert has apparently let slip Sony's intentions to releases a brand-new PSP – The PSP-4000.

The print-based advert, found in industry magazine MCV, shows off a LittleBigPlanet starter pack, and announces that it will be available for the PSP-1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and the PSP Go.

While this could be a printing error, it does look like another PSP (the 4000 version) is on the way, most likely one which uses a UMD drive.

Disc assessment

As the PSPGo is a disc-less device, it has meant that there is no real reason for current PSP users to upgrade – as upgrading would mean that they wouldn't be able to use the games they have bought.

There's no doubt downloading games is the future, but it may have been one step too far for some consumers, so a PSP Go with UMD capabilities does make a lot of sense.

However, as we have seen the PSP go through a number of upgrades and iterations, will another version be a version too far?

Via Kotaku