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Sony PS3 European sales injunction lifted

PlayStation 3
Rejoice! PS3's can now legally pass into Europe

Sony PlayStation 3 consoles are shipping to European retailers once again after an injunction, which saw 300,000 consoles held in EU customs, was finally lifted.

Late last month LG had won a legal ruling preventing PS3s entering the EU as part of a long-running patent dispute with Sony over the Blu-ray technology in the console.

Now Sony has emerged victorious from the latest round of legal sparring, the confiscated PS3s have been released and LG has been forced to pay €130,000 in costs over the whole episode.


While the ruling avoids the possibility of a PS3 drought on the continent, further delays would have definitely seen shortages of the Blu-ray packing console.

Retailers are thought to have a 2-3 week supply of consoles in their locker at any one time and that's what saved them on this occasion.

While Sony has emerged on top in this battle, we seriously doubt we've heard the last of this. The patent dispute has not been resolved at this time, only Sony's petition to allow PS3's to cross EU borders.

LG and Sony are thought to be embroiled in as many as 7 patent disputes with each other with both legal teams seeking various injunctions.